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Add client validation

simple form helps generate a client-validated form in your framework of choice.

⚠️ When using Astro, client validation relies on Astro view transitions. Ensure view transitions are enabled on your page.

Create a form with the simple-form CLI

You can generate a client form component with the simple-form create command:

Terminal window
# npm
npx simple-form create
# pnpm
pnpm dlx simple-form create

This will output form and input components in your directory of choice.

🙋‍♀️ Why code generation?

We know form libraries have come and gone over the years. We think the reason is ahem simple: forms are just hard. There’s countless pieces to tweak, from debounced inputs to live vs. delayed validation to styling your components.

So, we decided to take a hint from the popular shadcn/ui library and pass the code off to you.

We expose internal functions to manage your form state and handle both synchronous and asynchronous validation. Then, we generate components with accessible defaults based on the “Reward now, punish late” pattern. We invite you to tweak and override the code from here!

Reward early, punish late pattern

Simple form uses the “reward early, punish late” pattern for input validation.

  • Punish late: Only show error messaging when the user has moved on to the next input. This uses the input blur event.
  • Reward early: Remove error messaging the moment the user corrects an error. This uses the input change event.

This is simple form’s implementation of the pattern using React:

onChange={async (e) => {
const value =;
// Check if the input has errored before.
// If so, enter live validation mode (reward early)
if (!hasErroredOnce) return;
// Validate once the user blurs the input (punish late)
onBlur={async (e) => {
const value =;
// Exception: Avoid validating empty inputs on blur.
// It's best to hide "required" errors
// until the user submits the form.
if (value === "") return;

You will likely find exceptions to this pattern, like live password rules or postal code suggestions. This is why simple form uses code generation! You are free to copy generated code and massage to your intended use case.


Online playground

We recommend our online playgrounds to try client validation in your framework of choice: